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Domain names have been rapidly changing over the past 10 years with a huge range of new top-level domains released. These new domains make it possible to register a domain name ending in .guru, .club, or even .sexy and hundreds of other options.

The biggest development in Australia domains however is not the new TLDs, it is the release of the .au top-level domain extension which allows you to register, instead of requiring an additional second-level extension such as This move by the Australian domain name regulator has been met with excitement, frustration and a large number of businesses that aren’t even aware of the change.

Dot AU is a huge opportunity and buying a great .au will not only be great for your business in the short term but could be an excellent investment opportunity in the future.

Australia's Internet domain name opportunity is here now and all you need is an idea for a great name

The extension of the Australian namespace is a great opportunity and an excellent reason to invest in .au domain names 

Until now, only 3rd level.AU domains were available for registration. On March 24, 2022, auDA, the Registry Operator for the Australian ccTLD.AU, will allow registrations of domains directly under the.AU extension (2nd level domains).

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In this webinar, we will provide you with details about the release including requirements, process, and implementation of pre-orders. We will explain the grandfathering procedure for registrants of the existing 3rd level.AU domains and what needs to be taken into account.

We will go over the good names and bad names and the reasons why some domain names have sold for 100s and if not 10s of thousands of dollars.

Join our team members, to learn all you need to know about successfully participating in the.AU Second Level Release and how you can get in on this amazing ground floor opportunity.

By attending, you will be well prepared to guide through the.AU application, grandfathering process, and successfully into this exciting next phase. AU and the investment opportunity it offers.

What change for you?

What change for you?

What change for you?

The Benefits of Getting Your .AU

Brand protection: Protect your digital assets & online reputation against abuse or dilution

Strengthens credibility: Signals Australian presence, increasing in-market trust and credibility

 Brand awareness: Shorter and more catchy domain names available as new options

Visibility: More clear way to be seen online

Investment: Buying a great .au could be an excellent investment opportunity.

Some Details on the record Sale prices

Step 1
Think up a good name Geographical locations are great as are major services such as realestate Electrical
Step 2
Check its availability on the availability checker to see if the domain name is available to register
Step 3
Check there are no other applicants for the name that will get priority over you
Step 4
Once you have established the above we can go ahead and start the registration process
Step 5
Register the business name to ensure we meet the eligibility criteria
Step 6
Build a landing page to generate traffic and to rank the domain name while we are waiting for the domain name to be sold
Step 7
Think about your strategy are you thinking long term or a short term hold
Step 8
Ask the advice the Aussie domain names team or any domain name broker for a appraisal on the domain name.
Step 9
when you wish to sell the domain name just advice the broker and they will get on the job for you
Step 10
Sit back and relax while the broker goes to work I always like to use the analogy that a domain name is like a piece of antique furniture and is worth far more when someone asks you to sell it to them rather than trying to promote the domain name to hard and then its all down to price rather than demand

Highly Descriptive Quality Domain Names

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The purchase price of any domain name includes all of the following services,

All of the above is included in the purchase price of your Domain Name at no extra charge.

aussie domain names

Great Value

We specialise in sourcing and matching the best domains for our clients. There is nothing we value more than bringing value to our clients.


Time & Quality

We have spent 1000s of hours with different platforms and tools perfecting the most efficient, cost-effective lead generation system in the industry. We have been fine-tuning this thorough system by testing, measuring and a lot of trial and error. We are continuing to do this, and even after you buy this system we continue to tweak and fine-tune your site, so we keep up with the latest search engine changes and rules.

We’re an Australian based company with Australian staff. Let me assure you that dealing with our company will mean you will never need to deal with a call centre or overseas staff.

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