.com was introduced as one of the first top-level domains when the Domain Name System was first implemented for use on the internet in January 1985.

When was the first .com domain registered? March 15, 1985

Answer: The first domain name registered was Symbolics.com. It was registered March 15, 1985, to Symbolics Inc., a computer systems company in Cambridge

By 1987

Only 100 domains had been registered, a process that was at that time administered by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Of that first batch

However, many were procured by well-known brands today — there was Xerox.com (January 9, 1986), HP.com (March 3, 1986), IBM.com (March 19, 1986), Intel.com (March 25, 1986), Adobe.com (November 17, 1986), and Apple.com (February 19, 1987).