How to Select the Best Domain Name for ROI

Keeping it short and simple.

When it comes to domain name sales, shorter was almost always better. The most prized domains are usually ones with three to four letters, excluding the TLD. But the general rule is that domain names with up to 10 characters can also be worth it. You should also always keep the name simple. In other words, avoid hyphens, underscores or any sort of punctuation. Although numbers should be avoided, there are rare cases like that have proven to be successful.

Memorable and brandable is successful.

So, you managed to snatch up a three or four word domain, but it is spelled something like “”. If you access the website, you find an empty domain waiting to be sold.

This is explained by the internet craze of the late 90s when domain sales were going through the roof. At the time, many were certain that any letter combination making up a three to four-word name would make them rich. They were very, very wrong. Truly valuable domain names are not only in short supply, they are also memorable, relatable and have branding potential.

But from time to time, even some of these seemingly meaningless random combinations will strike gold and become one of the most expensive domain names sold. This is made possible by the fact that large parts of the world are still developing and certain local companies can match your weird domain name with their own brand, suddenly making the previously useless domain worth something. Since these sorts of occurrences are rare, it’s much better to invest into domains that actually have a vowel or two.

Descriptive names can work, too.

This is probably the biggest exception when it comes to the shorter is better rule. Descriptive names that are much longer but serve to fill a popular search term and consumer need can be incredibly valuable. For instance, a domain like “” is one of the most expensive domain names ever sold, even though it contains 12 letters.

Its incredible value proves that certain longer word combinations are still very profitable and will continue to be in the future. With enough foresight and knowledge about emerging trends and technologies, it will always be possible to make money and sell a domain name with a search term which is about to become popular among the public.

Being aware of copyright and trademarked terms.
One thing that everyone should do before purchasing any kind of domain name is to check if they are infringing on any existing trademarks. You should never enter into an investment without searching up companies that might have trademarked certain names. We will not assist anyone that wishes to register someone else trademark or trading name.